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Benefits of Personal Training

Many trainers promise an “incredible program or system” that will work for you.  However, there is no hidden secret to achieving optimum fitness. It takes hard work, dedication and support to make a lifestyle change and the desire must be firmly planted in your mind. We approach fitness like a puzzle; in order for you to get the results you desire, all the pieces have to be connected.


We specifically integrate Pilates fundamentals and principles into all exercise programs. These fundamentals—including proper breathing, pelvic and spinal alignment/positioning, and correctly engaging your core—help establish stability.


The Pilates Garden and Personal Training Studio will design a fitness program specifically for you, based on your goals, limitations and abilities.  We’ll teach you how to safely and effectively train your body based on the proven principles of Pilates.  Once the puzzle pieces—including strength, endurance, cardiovascular condition, flexibility and nutrition—connect, you’ll be well on the way to a much happier and healthier you!


Increase bone strength * Control body fat * Reduce risk of injury * Improve muscle mass * Relieve chronic muscle pain or fibromyalgia * Reduce risk of disease * improve cardiovascular system * Boost flexibility